(An informal monthly-ish gathering focused on Laban Movement Analysis. Attending: Peggy Hackney, Brenton Cheng.)


  • Development of standard digital representations of Motif Writing and of Structured Description would pave the way for software designers to create tools that could intercommunicate, even across operating systems. Both tool users and tool developers would benefit. Users would not be locked into using particular tools, because their document files would be portable to other tools and even other computers. Developers would enjoy a lower barrier to entry, as users could immediately open their existing documents within the new tool and would feel less hesitation about being forced to use a proprietary format.
  • The creation of a standard file format for Motif Writing and for Structured Description would require the coming together of both data schema experts and notation experts.
  • Since it is theoretically possible to include a section of Structured Description within a Motif and vice versa, perhaps only a single data schema would be needed to support the full range of notation possibilities.
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