In my presentation at Motus Humanus last June, I asked the audience to text in examples of Indirect Space Effort.

Here’s what they wrote:

  • Preparing to exit an awkward interaction
  • deciding which wine to order
  • feeling the totality of the situation
  • relaxing in hot tub
  • Daydreaming
  • casual wave
  • watching all the clouds in the sky
  • sweating mosqitos
  • spreading veggie seeds in an arc with intention to get the entire area covered
  • frightened while walking in a dark alley
  • standing on the rim of the grand canyon and taking it all in
  • watching a crowd around you
  • “in love”
  • attending to a room of people
  • playing tag when youre not it
  • attention to everything
  • taking in all the possibilities around me
  • taking in the big picture as u enter a room
  • looking for pen
  • lost, trying to find Pendleton Dance Center…
  • taking in whole audience
  • window shopping
  • confusion
  • when lost looking around
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